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Sports Portraits

Take a step up from photo day, and schedule a sports portrait session. We’ll dedicate that time to focus on you as an athlete – from football to dance, and basketball to rodeo – whatever your sport, we want to capture you in your element – showing off what you’ve worked so hard for!

Action Photography

Athletes of all sports love to go back and see themselves performing. Parents would rather watch and enjoy than see their child through a viewfinder, so let us do that for you!  From ballet recital to college soccer, we’ve have you covered! Have more than one performing? No problem, we’re prepared for that too!

Team & Individual

OHANA Sports Photography is your one-stop solution for Team and Individual Photography. Parents enjoy the prepaid affordable packages and high quality add-on products. Students, Athletes and Team Members get to be the star of the show, and seniors can get even spend time in front of the green screen for an epic Senior Banner.

We work very closely with each coach. It’s evident that they have enough on their plates, so we try our best to make sure photo day is easy and frustration free.


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