Hi, we’re the Burgess family. You may know us from our photography business D&B Forever Photography.  Wondering what OHANA Sports Photography is?  Here’s the scoop:

We believe in God & Family.  Without both of these, our lives would not be were they are today. Our faith in God has gotten our family through devastating hardships – most recently, our son being killed by a drunk driver while stopped at a red light.

Our Josh, daughter Lily and their cousin Jeffrey were in the car. After the Taylors & Greer EMS workers cut the car apart in attempt to rescue them, Josh did not survive.  Lily & Jeffrey have recovered serious injuries, and are back to “normal” lives.

That night, one of Josh’s best friends/brother , Adrian Gleaton was supposed to be in the car that night, and would have been sitting right behind Josh. Had he been in that car, he would not be with us today. The day of Josh’s funeral, Adrian gave his life to the Lord, and accepted Him as his Lord and Savior!

Adrian has grown to be a part of our family. Proving that blood is not everything, and that family is made up of people that have unconditional love for each other. It doesn’t matter what background, race, creed or any other demographic – family rises above all that, and love even higher than that.

Now, following in the footsteps of Bonnie, Dan & Lily, Adrian has picked up the love of photography, and even coined the name for OHANA Sports Photography – saying that FAMILY (OHANA) is stronger than any blood relation.

Now, OHANA Sports Photography is a permanent branch of D&B Forever Photography and is ready to support your organization or your OHANA!

Adrian Gleaton & Josh Burgess