OHANA Means Family – Welcome!

We are Dan & Bonnie Burgess, and we own and operate OHANA Sports Photography as well as D&B Forever Photography. It’s an honor to be photographers for Hephzibah Cal Ripken Baseball & Softball League!

Bonnie Burgess Owner of OHANA Sports Photography Greenville SC
Dan Burgess Owner of OHANA Sports Photography Greenville SC
Dan Burgess Owner of OHANA Sports Photography Greenville SC

Before Picture Day

Our ordering process might be a little different than what you’re used to. It’s a paperless, contactless system called PhotoDay. You’ll be able to view the photos first and order directly from your phone or your computer. It’s super simple and easy to use!

The first thing you’ll want to do is opt-in to the gallery by texting hcrl22 to 90738. You can also open a web browser on your phone or computer, go to galleries.photoday.io, and type in gallery code hcrl22. Opting in doesn’t cost or commit you to anything, it just means you’ll get text message updates as soon as your photos are ready to view and purchase. 

Free Shipping Promo

Once you’ve opted in, you’ll get a message back asking if you would like to purchase an AdvancePay credit. AdvancePay allows you to purchase a credit before picture day that you can apply to your photo order after the pictures are ready. If you purchase a $30 credit, you’ll get free shipping! So if you think you’ll want to order prints and products—which I think you all definitely will want to—go ahead and purchase at $30 AdvancePay credit to get Free Shipping when you order your photos.

On Picture Day

Each athlete should bring:

  • Glove (To stay efficient, please have glove on prior to taking photos photos)
  • Bat
  • Be in full uniform – we’re taking full body photos
  • Hair fixed if not wearing a hat
  • Hat not too low, not covering the eyes

We’re happy to take buddy/sibling, parent/child or coach/player photos before the athlete walks away from the posing spot – just be ready on the side to step in after we go through the poses.

Each team will be photographed together as a team. Please arrive a few minutes early to gather together with your team. Once your team is all assembled, there will be volunteers to help direct you to a photographer for individuals. Once everyone has had a their individual photographs taken, the team will then move to the team photographer station.

We request that there is no personal photography, and that nobody is standing behind the photographer. This is to ensure that your child’s eyes are looking at our camera. This helps us deliver the best quality images to you.

Picture Day Schedule:

Photographer 1
Photographer 2
Team Photo
RookieDiamond DivasDeloach5:00 PM5:15 PM
MinorsLady BravesGodbee5:00 PM5:20 PM
RookieHeavy HittersMadden5:15 PM5:30 PM
RookieDiamond BacksShiver5:15 PM5:35 PM
T-BallDodgersJohnson5:30 PM5:45 PM
T-BallCardinalsAndrews5:30 PM5:50 PM
T-BallLittle GiantsKeilholtz5:45 PM6:00 PM
T-BallMonstersBouley5:45 PM6:05 PM
MajorHornetsDerrick6:00 PM6:15 PM
MajorPeachesHammet6:00 PM6:20 PM
T-BallBravesTeal6:15 PM6:30 PM
T-BallJokersBozeman6:15 PM6:35 PM
T-BallSonic BoomCarlyle6:30 PM6:45 PM
T-BallAvengersHansen6:30 PM6:50 PM
RookieSoxMurphey6:45 PM7:00 PM
MinorsBlacksoxWeatherford6:45 PM7:05 PM
T-BallBravesNelson7:00 PM7:15 PM
T-BallHeartbreakersGreen7:00 PM7:20 PM
MinorsCardinalsOdom7:15 PM7:30 PM
RookieCubsSullivan7:15 PM7:35 PM
RookieMarinersSaxon7:30 PM7:45 PM
MajorLady LightingLonaker7:30 PM7:50 PM
MajorAssassinsRineer7:45 PM8:00 PM
MajorDevil RaysReed7:45 PM8:05 PM
MajorFurySmith8:00 PM8:15 PM
MajorGrizzliesBrooker8:00 PM8:20 PM
MinorsBravesDavis8:15 PM8:30 PM
MinorsBullsPartridge8:15 PM8:35 PM
MajorSnappersWatkins8:30 PM8:45 PM
MajorUnderdogsMcGraw8:30 PM8:50 PM

After Picture Day

We’ll work on edits as quickly as possible, and have them uploaded to the gallery as soon as possible.

Individual & Team Gallery

We partner with an online service called PhotoDay. This allows us to ditch the old paper order forms, and give you access to see pictures before purchasing anything. No need to send in money on picture day anymore! More on ordering below.


Click the Gallery Access link above to view the gallery. If the photos are not published yet, you can still opt in to get notified when the gallery goes live.

If you have not already, simply text hcrl22 to 90738 to receive updates when photos are added to your gallery, track your order and more.

I think you’re going to love this ordering system because:

  1. You get to view your photos BEFORE you order. We take a lot of fun poses, so you’ll get to see and choose between pose and pose and pose (e.g. smiling, game face, full body, headshot, goofy, buddy shots, etc.). You’ll love being able to see all of the options and choose your favorites! You can also mix and match poses within a package or a la carte products.
  2. Shipping is direct to your house. You won’t have to wait for the organization/teacher/team mom/league to pass out your orders! They’ll be shipped directly to your door.

Share the Joy!

We hope that you enjoy your athlete’s photos as much as we do taking them! Even though we go through a high volume of photographs, we work very hard to make each one a work of art that you and the ones you love will cherish. If you feel led, follow us on social media, and tag us in your post! We randomly pick tags and give out coupon codes, freebies and more!


If you need ANY assistance, please let us know. You can call, text or even FaceTime Dan – 864-449-8619 – or email: dan@ohanasports.photography