Media Day

OHANA Sports Photography College Media Day Photography and Videography

College sports are the heart and soul for so many! The hype, fun and value of college media day is great for the athletes, school and fans. Our high quality images and videos allow you to share engaging content to social media, print posters & banners, and use anywhere online.

Schools / Teams / Dance / Organizations

Team & Individual Photography

Whether you are an Athletic Director of a school, church team coach, or a league manager, OHANA Sports Photography is exactly what you’ve been looking for. No team/league is too small or too large. We can handle them all.

Parents Love Our Service

See photos before purchasing gives the parents the freedom to view photos after picture day, and not have the stress of sending in order forms on picture day.

Contactless ordering is safe and efficient. No paper envelopes or forms to send home. Simply show up on photo day and opt in via phone or email to view and purchase photos

Flexible Scheduling for each team allows each coach to find the most convenient time for photos. No team too small or big for us!

Banners are heavily discounted with individual sales. Find our pricing below.


OHANA Sports Photography - Greenville SC Sports Photographer - Senior Banners

When grouping banners in with your team & individual photography, we incentivize your organization to have at least 50% individual participation, so you save a significant amount.

Why the cost difference?

Higher sales volume allow us to offset the extra cost of the green screen photography, green screen extraction, banner design and artwork. This allows us to give your organization this fantastic pricing. It’s a win-win situation! ?

Banner SizeIndividual Sales IncentiveNormal Cost*
2′ x 3′$59.00$69.00
3′ x 3.75′$69.00$89.00
4′ x 6′$89.00$119.00
4′ x 8′ Panoramic$99.00$129.00
4′ x 12′ Panoramic $129.00$159.00
* For banners without any individual sales, there is a $10/person sitting fee.

Athletic Packages

Athletes work hard to perfect their skills, so let’s celebrate all that effort! On the field, or a special athletic portrait session, we’ll capture the very best of your athlete.

We also make it easy to bundle an entire year’s worth of photography into a cheaper package than purchasing them individually. This is great especially for seniors/rising seniors or multi sport athletes.

Don’t want to pay for an athletic package all at once? No problem! Just contact us to set up a payment plan!

The rest of the family…

Our sports and athlete photography is so much more than just packages and add-ons. Having an athlete in your family is awesome – and being able to create art from the memories of these wonder years is exactly what we want to help you do. Our family, athlete and other photography services are provided by our sister company, D&B Forever Photography.

See our Senior, Engagement, Wedding, Maternity, Event & Real Estate Photography Services at D&B Forever Photography Website